Carl Cadwell gave a talk on how he got through a creative slump at this year's TopCon. The main things he learned in this time were:

1. Do Something Creative. Anything.
2. Throw away youthful your naive youthful hubris and embrace a new hubris which runs towards failure, mistakes and embarrassment.
3. Get help screwing up your canvases.

This is a rundown of the media used in that talk to illustrate and exemplify, in the order it was presented.

Johns Hopkins Microbe Hunters

This documentary-style webseries is based on Paul de Kruif's classic book about the scientists who discovered microbes and invented the vaccines to counter them. The opening credits begin with creeping atmospherics, reflecting the abstract visuals. Slowly the song coalesces into a recognizable melody as we see real life consequences of the seemingly bodiless microbes. Watch Episode 1: Small Pox Eradication here.

More info, including the original audio can be found here.

Organic Valley Save The Bros
"Bros are at serious risk of extinction, and only you can make a difference." Who could say no to a premise like that?

For musicians comedies often mean over-the-top parodies of genres. In this case, I was parodying genres I had previously worked in more seriously: namely that of hip-hop and earnest piano. Stripping a genre down into its signifiers and then pushing those signifiers over the edge is fun work and, in a video like this, as fun as it sounds.

Listen to music from the ad and get more info here.

Bernina Sewing Machine Choir

Bernina, a company that makes sewing machines, asked me to create a song using only sewing machine sounds, and then perform it live at their 2015 BerninaU conference. So I obliged.

Watch and read more about the making of the sewing machine orchestra here.

Summer Dregs Backseat Pressure Remix

Carl Cadwell of Summer Dregs gives Dirty Blonde's uneasy ode to youth an explosive overhaul.

Summer Dregs Don't Wanna Live

This is a preview Summer Dregs' Sensory Inversion Light Show.
linListen to the full song

Summer Dregs Diamond Live

Summer Dregs playing Diamond live in a warehouse. See us here.