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Summer Dregs

Producer & Composer Carl Cadwell

Some released and unreleased tracks produced and co-composed by Carl Cadwell

Summer Dregs is the often collaborative work of composer and producer Carl Cadwell.

Though the percussive urgency of Carl's days touring with soul outfits can still be felt, it is his love of modern R&B and global-pop that defines his latest incarnation. Summer Dregs started when Carl‘s drive to blend pop and experimentalism could no longer be contained in a single band. So he started producing and writing songs with a myriad of artists under the name Summer Dregs (and at the same time started scoring commercials and films under the name Skypunch Studios).

His penchant for reckless ecstasy, neon synths and collaboration has led him to produce for many musicians in the bubbling Chattanooga scene and beyond. It's a shot of neon directly to the vein. It's your pounding heart manifest in sound and color. It's steady working to make our technicolor dreams reality.